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Will I Always Be Fat?

It's a haunting question, "Will I always be fat?"

Unless you grew up in a house full of family members in a constant struggle with their weight, you may not understand how difficult it is. Ask a thin person why someone is overweight, and the response ranges from "lazy" to "just stop eating".

It's not that simple.

Nobody wants an unhealthy body. Nobody wants to grow up being called hurtful names. And if it were as simple as a one step solution, everyone would do it.

And that's usually the problem.

People don't know the answer of how to lose weight and keep it off, so they try things that will actually make their situation worse.

Did you know most people who go on a diet will GAIN weight. It's not a genetic reaction, not some harmful trait passed on to you from your family. Your body doesn't hate you.

It's a natural response to behavior. Your diet is too strict, making your body believe it's being starved. Your body then goes into a type of panic mode.

Your body thinks, "I'll never get food again. I better start saving more".

Your body then proceeds to stock more resources as body fat. That's where the weight gain comes from.

Don't fall into the trap of doom and gloom. Thousands of people simply give up and truly believe they will always be fat. "My family is fat. Maybe I can't do anything about it".

But you can. You just need to understand how your behavior guides your weight loss and weight gain.

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