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Two Reasons Most Conventional Diets Fail

When someone starts a diet they honestly want it to work. And 95% of dieters will stay disciplined. So why do most diets fail?

Not Enough Progress To Motivate You

You've been starving yourself for three weeks, right? Disciplined like never before. Passed on every little treat put in front of you.

So why haven't you lost any weight? It's that scenario and that particular question that wrecks all motivation.

Why continue punishing yourself if you can't see results. It needs to happen fast. That's just the way most people respond. They want to see results.

Any diet that fails to deliver within the first few weeks can wreck your morale and destroy all motivation to continue.

Way Too Strict - You're Always Starving

Most people start a diet with good intentions. And it's usually easy to maintain that discipline for the first few days ... but then the weekend rolls around. Maybe you have a party to go to.

You arrive and you're starving. Then you start to binge. A little here. A little there. Before you know it you've polished off six donuts and three pieces of cake.

You figure the day is ruined so why struggle. You give up for that day and let yourself eat whatever you want.

It's happened to nearly everyone on a diet. One important reason most diets fail is because they're absolute hell. You're always starving. Feeling deprived and a little cranky because you want to eat.

A successful program knows how to keep you motivated while avoiding periods of starvation that may lead to over eating.

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