Why Is It Hard For Some People To Lose Body Fat?

It can be an incredibly frustrating cycle for some people trying to lose body fat. You try a new diet, and see some progress only to return to your previous body weight or worse... You gain weight.

Why does it happen and why is it so hard for some people to lose body fat?

The biggest obstacle isn't going to be exercise or even a short term meal plan. The biggest hurdle is your willingness to accept a lifestyle change. Let's face it, people love good food. Sitting at a table with delicious deserts was how most kids bonded with their family.

A common problem is when dieters want to drop a quick 10 pounds, without really changing what they're doing. They want to eat the same food, and enjoy the same activities.

Here's a question that's very common: After I lose 10 pounds can I go back to eating regularly?

That question and mind set are the reason many people struggle with dieting and keeping body fat off long term. What you're doing right now is considered regular behavior. It led to you carrying excess body weight. The only way to change your body composition is to change what your body considers "regular".

You don't have to completely eliminate every meal you enjoy, even if it's incredibly unhealthy, but you do need to accept that in order to keep weight off you need to change what your body considers "regular behavior".

Once you drop ten pounds, over eating is no longer regular behavior. You can't do it, it's not part of who you are any more.

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