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I Gained Weight After My Last Diet

Most diets not only fail, but will leave you with more body fat then when you began. It's not because you did anything wrong, it's a natural reaction your body makes following a diet.

Unless you know how to avoid that "weight gain" reaction, every diet you try will leave you disappointed.

Why You Gain Weight After A Diet

Your body is designed to adapt to everything you do. When you exercise with weights your body adapts by adding muscle so you don't get tired as quickly.

That's your body's primary goal. To adapt and survive.

It's the reason why nearly all dieters gain weight after a diet. Your body is adapting to your behavior. When you go on a diet you restrict calories to lose weight.

Your body adapts by burning body fat so you don't faint from lack of energy. But you're entire diet is categorized as a "behavior". Your body thinks you're being starved and it's going to continue.

So your body needs to adapt. But, how?

It needs to ensure your survival and it thinks you're being starved. So the next big meal you eat, it's going to store as much of those calories as it can as body fat.


Because it needs calories to survive. And you aren't giving it any calories through everyday eating. So it needs to store as much as it can.

That's why you gain a lot of weight when you have one bad day, or if you decide to quit your diet. It's not genetics that puts weight on. It's the way your body interprets your behavior.

The only way you can avoid that period of gaining weight is to properly scale your calories and behavior so your body doesn't over react and put on ten extra pounds of body fat.

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