Why Does Fast Food Make You Fat?

In a perfect world everyone would eat everything they truly love and would look fantastic when they're naked. But, in the real world there are always consequences to behavior and when it comes to food, the consequences involve love handles and thunder thighs.

What about McDonalds and Burger King? Why does fast food make you fat?

Unfortunately, most people will judge their meal composition by the size of the portions instead of the actual calorie contents. Fast food portions are calorie dense, meaning the portions are not very big but there are usually massive amounts of calories. And when it comes to fast food this is the biggest problem.

Let's take a Whopper hamburger, for instance. Yes, it's fairly large but still very possible for some people to eat two or three. Do you know how many calories are in one Whopper hamburger?

Before you see the very painful calorie count you should keep in mind how much you should be eating. A 180 pound man will eat 1800-2000 calories per day to maintain that weight. That's not dieting, that's normal meal consumption to maintain 180 pounds without gaining or losing.

Okay, so 2000 calories is a good starting point. Now back to that whopper. There are 550 calories in one whopper.

That's 25 percent of your daily calories in one hamburger. And everyone gets fries, right? That's another 250 calories. All together, a trip to Burger King racks up 800-1000 calories in one meal.

When you start making multiple trips to fast food restaurants in one day, it becomes pretty easy to see why people gain so much weight on a McDonald's diet.

If you make regular trips to fast food restaurants the best advice is to find acceptable alternatives in small increments. Many people will try to completely eliminate those chain restaurants only to cave and go on a massive eating frenzy.

You may find more success by first limiting your weekly trips, then over time making those visits less and less frequent.

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