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Why Do Carbs Make You Fat?

In the past several years there's been renewed interest in low carb diets, which depicts all carbs as the reason for everyone being overweight.

Is it true?

A high carb diet does contribute to excess body fat, but it's not the only reason people start to carry extra weight on their belly.

It also has a lot to do with behavior and the type of carbs you're eating. Not all carbs are equal, and your body will respond differently depending on the type you consume.

You don't want to label all food as "Good" and "Bad", because if you eat too much of anything it will have a negative effect. The main difference between carbs is whether it's whole grain, or has refined flour.

Donuts, cake and those kind of treats cooked with flour are digested very quickly. What does that do? The faster it's digested the faster it's converted to energy and ready to be used. The problem is most people don't burn off enough of those energy calories. So the body stores them as fat.

That would be categorized as a bad thing.

Slower digested carbs like whole grain bread or rice, doesn't flood your system with resources quickly. It releases the energy at a much slower, steadier pace making it easier for your body to burn through them.

If your body burns through the calories, it won't be stored as body fat. Some carbs are healthy and and efficient, while others may taste great but are likely to add extra body fat.

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