Why Can't I Build More Muscle?

It can be a frustrating situation when you exercise diligently but still struggle with the dreaded question: Why can't I build more muscle? Below are three common reasons people struggle to add muscle mass.

Breaking Down Muscle Tissue

If you like to participate in cardio exercises like running, swimming, or anything that gets your heart rate pounding you may be creating a scenario where your body is destroying muscle tissue. It happens for a lot of people that find it difficult to add muscle mass.

Everything you do, especially cardio routines, require fuel to move your body. The fuel generally comes through carbs and stored energy, but prolonged cardio work that depletes your energy forces your body to break down and destroy muscle tissue for energy. So if you're trying to build new muscle either make sure you're eating enough carbs to support that activity or reduce your overall cardio.

Not Getting Enough Protein

Another problem when trying to add new muscle is forgetting to provide your body with enough resources to create new muscle tissue. Your body needs protein and amino acids to actually build your muscle. If you're on a very restrictive diet, you may be having trouble gaining mass because there aren't enough resources to accomplish that task. If you need to maintain low calories during dieting make sure you have enough carbs to fuel your exercise AND enough protein to support or add new muscle mass.

Not Stimulating New Growth

Building muscle is actually a very simple process. It's your body's way of adapting to your behavior. Lift enough weight and your muscles get damaged due to fatigue. Your body then responds by adding new muscle tissue in an effort to avoid further damage. So what does it mean when you aren't adding muscle?

Most likely you aren't forcing your body to adapt. Whatever you're doing your body fully understands your behavior and sees no need to add new muscle tissue. This usually happens when you repeat the exact same exercise over and over again. You need to change the routine and intensity to kick start your muscle growth.

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