Three Must Read Diet And Exercise Tips

The most important diet and exercise tips involve efficiency and helping your body use and burn calories at a constant rate. Below are three must read tips to help burn off body fat.

Late Night Snacks

Late night snacks, especially the kind that are loaded with carbs are setting you up for failure. Try to view your late night meals as energy because that's all it is. Shift away from viewing late night snacks as "treats" because they're not. The reality is your body has ZERO chance of utilizing any carbs it gets right before bed. You're not going to run a marathon ten minutes right before going to sleep.

If your body can't use the carbs you give it, guess what happens. It has to store it as fat. That's why late night, high carb snacks, are diet killers. If you feel hungry and absolutely have to eat something, try snacking on a piece of chicken or other protein that is less likely to be converted to body fat.

Time Between Meals

Sometimes dieters will fall prey to the perception of success, when they're actually falling into a trap. If you're on a diet and you go five or six hours without eating, you start to feel thinner because there isn't any food in your belly.

You start to think, "this is great, I feel so thin." But waiting too long between meals creates a scenario that leads many people to significantly overeat at their next meal. Not only are you extra, extra hungry because you've skipped a meal, but you also let yourself believe that it's okay to overeat because you haven't consumed many calories for the day.

It's always better to have a small healthy snack, even if you aren't very hungry, rather than skipping meals and eating one massive meal later in the day.

Don't Kill Motivation With Exercise

Everyone that has struggled with their weight for any length of time fully understands the concept of "diet failure". You always have great enthusiasm and motivation at the beginning, but when that initial optimism fades you abandon your plan. What's making that happen, and how can you avoid the never ending cycle of yo-yo diets?

One common element of why people quit their diet is that it's too much too soon. All that initial motivation will lead many to workout for two or three hours in their first several workouts. That's great, right? Well, it kind of sets you up for failure because keeping up that kind of pace is very unrealistic.

It means if you exercise for two hours each day the first week, but only 45 minutes each day the second week it's easy to start to feel guilty. It leads you to believe that you aren't trying very hard, which isn't true.

So be smart about your exercise and start with moderate exercise times, and slowly increase the duration of your workouts at a comfortable pace.

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