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How To Lose Body Fat Without Starving

Some might think that dieting and feeling starved go hand in hand, but it doesn't have to be that way. To lose body fat, you have use your behavior to tell your body to shed fat without storing excess water.

Don't Go Too Long Between Meals

When dieting you're in a firm mind set, "I need to eat less to lose some body fat". What usually happens is the diet will go too long without food, or you won't eat enough calories at one sitting.

It always leads to overeating at the next meal. Spreading your calories over five to six meals will also help your body use the calories more efficiently, which is the key to burning more body fat.

Instead of flooding your system with calories at one sitting, you give it a constant flow of food throughout the day. Your body will be more efficient and you'll be less hungry and miserable.

Drink Lots Of Water

It may seem like a cliche you heard as a kid, which is why many will dismiss the advice without realizing the benefits. Many times when you feel hungry, it's actually your body telling you it needs water.

Much of the water we get comes through food. So the next time you feel hungry take a big glass of water with your meal. You'll feel full faster and prevent yourself from over eating.

Another benefit of keeping a constant flow of water through your system is you'll be less likely to retain water. If you go longer time periods without consuming water your body thinks it's in an environment that lacks water.

So what does it do?

It will store water for later use. That's where the water retention comes from. It's your body stockpiling supplies.

By drinking lots of water daily, your body will realize it's in an environment with lots of water so there's no need to store as much.

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