I Want To Be Skinny

"I want to be skinny but I can't lose weight. I follow my diet but I'm not losing a lot of body fat."

The absolute first thing you want to do is get a realistic understanding of your behavior which includes your diet and exercise.

Why You Need To Write It Down

We often get into the habit of estimating how much we're eating and how much we're exercising, but it's the few hundred calories that's misjudged that can derail all your progress.

The most overlooked calories are found in liquids you consume. If you drink coffee and use a liquid creamer you may not be using a correct calorie count because you've underestimated.

And here's how the problem compounds: Most people drink two or three cups of coffee per day. That could easily add up to 150 extra calories, depending on what you put in your coffee.

Juices, toppings and sprays are other forms of hidden calories that you absolutely need to identify. It seems very tedious to write down everything you eat, but after a few days it becomes second nature.

Most dieters are surprised at how much they've misjudged how much they're really eating.

Scale Your Plan

Try to avoid shocking your body too often, because it becomes less effective each time. That means don't starve yourself hoping to lose a quick five pounds.

The best way to lose body fat is by scaling your progression. It forces your body to constantly adapt week to week, to establish a steady fat burn.

If you want to be skinny you need to understand how your body works, and what makes it burn the most stubborn body fat.

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