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I Want Six Pack Abs

I want six pack abs but I've always been a little fat and can't seem to lose my belly. What am I doing wrong?

When you take all dieters into account there is an overwhelming desire to succeed. When people aren't able to lose the extra fat and get those six pack abs it isn't because they aren't trying.

What Most People Do Wrong

When someone starts a diet, it usually means they're twenty to thirty pounds overweight and want to see results fast. It's that desire for instant results that causes them to exercise too much or eat too little.

Most diets fail because people don't eat enough calories. When you reach a point where your body feels starved, it will adapt to your behavior in a negative way. It thinks you're going to die from lack of food, so it needs to start stockpiling every calorie it gets and stores it as fat.

Ever been on a diet, where you lost ten pounds then gained back twenty? That's exactly what happened. Your diet was too restrictive and your body defended itself by adding resources (body fat).

How To Get Ripped Abs

It's a multiple step process to get six pack abs. It's not going to happen overnight, and trying to lose all the weight in one week will almost always fail.

The first thing you want to do is lose the fat. So how do you do that, right? You can influence your body to continuously burn through calories, even several hours after a workout, by constantly introducing new behavior.

Every time you try something new, something that gets your muscles sore, your body needs to adapt to that behavior. It's the adapting that burns the fat away. When you keep doing the same exercise routine, over and over, your body never has to adapt so you won't burn as many calories.

That's where the "plateau" comes in. It means your body has adapted, and understands your behavior. You have to kick start the fat burning with a new and different exercise combination.

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