I Want My Thighs To Be Smaller

I want to lose twenty pounds, but most of all I want my thighs to be smaller. Is there a special diet or exercise to help with that area?

You have to look at the problem objectively and decide if the problem with the size of your thighs. Are your thighs thick and bulky with lots of muscle, or are they soft with lots of excess fat?

When you answer that question you'll have a good idea what you'll need to do to change your body composition.

Bulky Thighs

Some women have very thick thighs with a significant amount of muscle. The good news is you are genetically programmed to develop muscle, which most men will find attractive. The bad news is, your body is likely programmed to pack on extra muscle that is more than you want.

If you have a family history of heavy lifting, like farming or construction that required powerful legs for labor than those traits were likely passed on to you.

You may reach a point where your overall body fat is very low, but your thighs are still large or out of proportion to the rest of your body. If this is the case you'll want to avoid muscle building exercises like heavy weight lifting or sprinting type of exercises that require explosive movements from the lower body.

Focus on high repetition exercises, like long distance running or light weight exercise movements with very high repetitions.

Excess Fat On Your Thighs

The good news is all you have to do is lower your body fat to influence the size of your thighs. The bad news is, if you're carrying extra body fat on your thighs it means this area will likely be the last area to see a fat reduction. You can combine a low fat, low carb diet with muscle shaping exercises like lunges to shape your thighs and reduce the overall fat.

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