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I Can't Get A Flat Stomach

I can't get a flat stomach even though I've been on a long diet. What am I doing wrong?

Something a lot of dieters have a hard time realizing is how the body adapts and then adjusts to everything you're doing. If you've been on the same diet for any length of time it means your body has become familiar and has already adapted.

What does that mean for someone trying to get a flat stomach?

The reason we gain or lose weight is because the body is adapting. If you eat too much food, the body isn't able to utilize all those calories but may need them later. So it stores some calories as body fat. It just adapted to overeating by stockpiling resources.

When you're on a diet the body is receiving fewer calories for fuel, so it adapts by burning through energy reserves (body fat). There is a point though, where your body has reached a state of balance. You're burning exactly the amount of calories you need to support current behavior.

Once your body has adapted to your behavior and calorie consumption and calorie burning are in balance, you're not going to burn off any more body fat. It's going to stay there, on your stomach or thighs, until your body is forced to adapt once again.

It's the constant change and forcing your body to adapt to behavior that burns the most calories. Staying on the same diet too long, without making significant changes to what you're doing isn't the most efficient way to lose weight.

It's why a lot of people have success in the beginning of the diet, but after several weeks they stop losing weight. They're still starving themselves and exercising, but the body has adapted to expected behavior and won't burn through as much body fat.

You have to "tweak" your diet every few days to keep a constant fat burn. It forces your body to constantly adapt, and continue burning body fat.

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