How Drinking Water Effects Your Body And Fat Burning

"That's too much water!"

That's usually what most people say when they hear how much water their body needs. Then you tell them how they should be drinking to optimize fat burning, and they look at you like you're crazy.

Most don't understand how important water is to your success. Others avoid the recommended amount because they simply don't like to drink water.

No one has ever said, "That's too much food!" But water's a different story.

When you don't drink enough water you get dehydrated, and when you're dehydrated it makes you feel hungry. It's a proven fact. It's how the body functions.

The craving exists because your body is low on resources and needs water either directly or through food. So you either drink, or you eat.

Most will actually eat a ton of food, when all they needed was a glass of water because they're dehydrated.

Others fall victim to the misconception that drinking too much water will lead to water retention. It's actually the exact opposite that happens.

When you don't drink enough water, your body compensates by storing more water in your system for later use. If you keep a steady flow of water in your system there's no need to store excess supplies. Make sense?

Drink less and you'll gain water retention. Drink more, and your body won't need to retain water because there's a steady supply. That's how your body reacts and what causes it to give you extra water weight.

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