How To Lose Weight During The Holidays

Everyone seems to gain weight at the end of every year, which makes most dieters wonder how to lose weight during the holidays. Can you enjoy all the good food and lose body fat at the same time?

Why Do People Gain Weight During The Holidays?

Let's start with the cause of an expanding waist line. The most common problem is over indulgence. There's so much good food that you want to try a little bit of everything. The second problem is all the left overs. If you're the host of a party, it's common to have five to ten delicious deserts sitting in your refrigerator at the end of the party.

You were always taught not to waste food when you were growing up, right? So the natural thought process, is that you have to eat all this food or it will go to waste. So you allow yourself a little treat every night.

The best strategy when faced with this problem is to make sure all your guests and visitors take some food home with them. It eliminates the temptation to eat all those treats yourself.

Can You Lose Weight?

The holidays are no different than any other time of year if you stick to your diet plan. There's cake and ice cream available 365 days a year, the only difference is you'll be around a lot of other people eating those foods in front of you.

Do you have enough discipline to stick to your meal plan while everyone else is eating a special holiday desert? Probably not. The important point to remember is not to regress. If you maintain your weight during what most consider a dieting nightmare period it should be considered a success.

Don't try to fool yourself into believing you aren't eating unhealthy food though. If you stop counting calories and tracking your meals, your weight can easily spiral out of control. It's an unpleasant reminder of how many calories are in each treat, but it will help you avoid a total diet failure.

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