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How To Lose The Love Handles

Everyone hates them. They make you feel self conscious whenever you go to the beach or wear a tight fitting shirt. It can be difficult finding the right clothes to "mask" the love handles.

So how do you lose the love handles?

Here's what you DON'T do:

Don't starve yourself.

The fact that you already have love handles means your body is programmed based on your DNA to store excess fat there. It's like a blueprint that determines which areas store fat and which areas stay lean.

Starving yourself actually has the opposite effect when it comes to weight loss. It's usually an act of desperation. You need to lose 15 pounds fast and get rid of those love handles so you skip some meals thinking you'll shed some weight.


Your body doesn't work that way. Your body is designed to adapt. If you're eating too much and not exercising it adapts by storing more body fat. If you starve yourself you'd think it does the opposite, right? But it doesn't.

It interprets the starvation as a threat. It thinks there isn't any food nearby so guess what it does...


It stockpiles resources for future use. It uses your behavior to decide what to do next. If it thinks there's not enough food because the body is being starved it adapts by storing more fat.

Based on your DNA, where do you think that fat is going to be stored. Yup, on the love handles. That's why starving to lose them doesn't work.

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