How To Help My Husband Lose Weight

Sometimes your significant other may have a greater weight issue than yourself which can raise health concerns. What if your husband needs to lose weight but isn't very motivated. What can you do?

Start With Time Together

When you're trying to change someone's behavior it's better to ease into the transition for long term benefits. If this were a child, or an employee, you could make wide sweeping changes without consequences. But we're talking about a grown man that can react negatively to you trying to change his behavior which could damage your relationship. So instead of dishing out orders, focus on behavior modification in a very subtle way.

Start with the time you're together and think about how what you're doing will impact his weight and health. Eating healthy when you're together and finding fun ways to get active will help him lose weight.

After the "getting healthy" routine has been introduced you can start to address his behavior and eating habits when he's NOT with you. It's the time apart that will prove the most damaging. If you're too strict when you're together, he'll go crazy when you're apart and overeat.

Baby Steps Are Okay

Your husband may be 50-100 pounds over weight right now, which places you in the mind set of all the drastic measures he'll need to make to get the weight off. But it takes time to lose that amount of weight so focus on intermediate steps. Instead getting him to exercise four times a week, begin with once a week until that routine is firmly entrenched. Then slip in an extra workout here and there until it builds to three or four times a week.

You have to approach it differently compared to yourself. You're trying to motivate another person, so you have to plan it carefully. If it was your personal goal to lose 50 pounds you can get yourself to exercise six times a week and feel a sense of accomplishment.

But if you're FORCING your husband to exercise, then he may resent your efforts on some level. So be careful not to undermine your efforts, and let him take baby steps as long as those steps are moving him closer to getting healthy and losing weight.

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