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How To Get Thinner Legs

Trying to get thinner legs is at the top of the list for most women, but they may not have a thorough understanding of how to accomplish this goal.

Many will get half of the equation right. They'll get the nutrition right, or they'll get the needed exercise right.


When you only do half of the steps needed you can actually make your hips and thighs bigger. You can starve yourself, workout regularly and three weeks later you'll be shocked to learn you've increased the size of your legs.

So what's the formula? How do you get thinner legs?

Step One - Start A Fat Burning Diet

You absolutely don't want to starve yourself, because it can back fire if your body senses it's being starved. A diet that's too strict will influence your body to store MORE body fat.

You want to re-adjust your calorie intake by shifting calories away from sources that tell your body to store more fat. There are specific foods that trigger fat storage - you absolutely need to avoid them. And it's not just the kind of food you eat, but also the time you eat those calories.

Step Two - Add More Toning Exercises

All exercise isn't created equal when you have the specific goal of reducing the size of your hips and thighs. Some exercises are designed to increase your muscle mass.

That means doing those exercises will do one thing - make your thighs bigger. A definite motivation killer. You can get the nutrition aspect perfect, but throw in a few exercises that pack on dense muscle mass and you'll be worse off then when you started.

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