How To Get Thin And Stay Thin

Anyone that's tried and failed several diets wants to know how to get thin and stay thin. You want to know what works, but more importantly you want to know why your last diet failed.

How To Get Thin

When you see pictures of movie stars or fitness models it almost seems impossible to become that thin. How do they do it? With the exception of runway models, who are usually not healthy, all those ultra thin bodies are NOT being starved.

That's the first and main difference between most dieters and the ultra fit. In fact, most athletes consume more calories than most couch potatoes because they need to constantly feed their body fuel for exercise. You don't need to run twenty miles a day to look like an athlete but there is an important principle they use to stay lean.

You need to know how many calories your body needs to support your weight. Once you have that starting point you can start to adjust your daily intake of calories based on how much you're exercising. You need a log, and a goal. If you're just restricting calories and eating as little as possible because you think it will make you thin, you're going to be disappointed.

How To Stay Thin

Everyone has had success on a diet only to gain it all back. What happened? Most of the time it's because we fall back on negative behavior. If you were on a fad diet, like no-carbs, it will help you get thin by burning body fat. But the diet only changes your body, it doesn't change your behavior.

What does all that mean? It means after you stop your no-carb diet, you're going to go back to behavior that made you pack on extra body fat. It can become a never ending cycle of losing weight than gaining it all back.

To stay thin, long term, you have to address your long term behavior. So don't approach a diet as a two week goal that you're going to abandon after you've lost ten pounds.

View your body and health in a much broader context and make slow, but steady changes that you can maintain for several years. If your diet is hell and makes you miserable you can almost guarantee that the results will not last very long.

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