How To Get Bigger Bicep Muscles

Most women don't want to have big bulging muscles because that isn't the type of body shape they desire. But ask any guy, and one of their primary fitness goals will be to get bigger biceps.

Why are they SO important to men? Because they're a very visible muscle group and they believe women like to look at big biceps. Not always true, but it's what they believe so men will spend countless hours trying to develop bigger arms.

So what's the big secret and why is it so hard to get big biceps. If you're struggling to add size to your arms it usually means you're using poor technique or you're over training.

Poor Technique

It's true and common knowledge among weight lifters that the heavier you lift the bigger your muscles will grow. It leads to the scenario where men will lift as heavy as they possibly can at the expense of proper technique. What you want to remember is that isolating the bicep is key to growth. You want to focus and work primarily on the bicep to get it to grow.

When you use too much weight you're likely to use secondary muscle groups to help move the weight. It means the focus shifts away from what you're trying to develop. If you find yourself rocking and swinging your whole body it means your shoulders and back are helping to move the weight instead of just the biceps. So use very, very strict techniques to help isolate the bicep and make it grow.

Over training

Everyone wants to get big muscles right now. But your body needs to recover. If you constantly work out, without giving your biceps enough time to recover and build new muscle tissue they'll exist in a constant state of fatigue. When that happens your muscles will look "flat" instead of puffy.

So work hard and strict, but you shouldn't be working your biceps more than once or twice a week. If you're still sore it's advised to take an extra day off so your biceps have ample time to recover.

Below is a good video that emphasizes good technique on some popular and effective bicep routines.

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