How To Develop Round Shoulder Muscles

Usually women are interested in a little muscle definition on the shoulders, where men like the big round boulder shoulder look. Whether you just want to get lean in the shoulders and upper arms or want to develop impressive size you always want to train smart and efficient.

Nagging Shoulder Injuries

You don't always realize how much you use certain muscles for different movements until they get hurt, and the shoulders are a prime example. It's common for guys to train to hard or lift to heavy and strain one of their shoulders. When this happens it severely limits what you can do for the rest of your upper body.

Even cardio routines like walking or running can become uncomfortable because you don't realize how much your shoulders and arms come into play for balance. A bad shoulder makes everything much more difficult.

The best way to avoid shoulder injuries is to listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel the slightest pull or muscle strain, that's your body telling you something's breaking down and fatigued beyond normal.

If you continue to push past that little nagging muscle strain it could develop into a much more serious condition like a muscle tear. So if your body is telling you it's hurt, make sure you're listening and give the muscle some rest.

Shoulder Size And Definition

For guys that want to develop impressive shoulder size you'll want to incorporate lots of basic but heavy movements with lots of presses. Seated shoulder press with a barbell, or heavy dumb bell presses are good size builders. Be careful not to over-train and keep in mind the shoulders get a lot of work during chest and some arm workouts.

For the ladies that just want some nice definition but don't want to look too bulky in the shoulders, you'll want to do high repetition movements with lighter weights. Stay away from heavy resistance training for the shoulders, because that's what stimulates an increase in muscle mass.

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