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How To Burn Leg Fat The Smart Way

A large number of people struggle with their weight and diets in general because of misinformation. It's not motivation, not lack of desire. Ask someone who's fifty pounds overweight if they want to lose body fat, and you'll understand how much motivation they have.

So what keeps people from losing body fat? They do things, and try diets with only half of the information. A no-carb diet for instance, can be very effective at shedding excess fat, BUT...

Most people that try those kinds of diets don't know the killer mistakes. And there are some big ones with a no-carb diet. A common scenario on that diet is to lose ten pounds quickly, then gain back 20 pounds in the following weeks.

When you look at specific body parts, like how to burn leg fat, you have the same problem.

People are incredibly motivated. They want to reshape what they see... But misinformation, or proceeding with only half the equation can derail all progress.

If you don't know which mistakes to avoid, how can you expect to avoid them?


Here's a quick tip to avoid making yourself feel worse and destroying your confidence and motivation.

Don't make your legs look bigger. Even if it's a good kind of "bigger". Your goal is to burn fat, so don't fall into the thinking that increasing your muscle mass on your legs will help burn fat. There is some benefit with that theory, but it doesn't help enough to justify making your problem area bigger.

Focus on FAT BURNING movements. Not muscle building movements that can significantly increase the size of your legs.

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