How Long To Lose 50 Pounds?

It may not seem logical but it can be harder for a dieter to lose those last 10 pounds, compared to someone who is just starting a diet and needs to lose 50 pounds.

Why is the last 10 pounds so hard? Through the course of your diet plan you'll be making periodic adjustments to your meal plan and exercise routines. It's this constant adjustment the tells your body to burn more fat.

If you've already lost 40 pounds you've already made a lot of adjustments and have likely slashed your diet. To lose those last ten pounds will likely require some people to further reduce their diet beyond what they want to do. So most people will compromise and accept that their current weight is healthy enough.

But what about 50 pounds?

How Long To Lose 50 Pounds

The good news for those who are 50 or even 100 pounds overweight is that you haven't made any meal plan adjustments so the slightest changes can trigger a lot of weight loss. You may find the first 10 pounds to be very easy to get off, then each successive ten pounds a little harder.

If you keep a good pace it's very reasonable to lose ten pounds every 6 weeks. There are some keys and important steps to keep in mind on your weight loss journey. If you plan you diet poorly, it will create frustration and uneven weight loss.

An important concept to understand is: Scaling. Think of dieting like taking baby steps, guiding your body to your desired body weight. A mistake a lot of people make is making massive, sweeping changes all at once.

This "shock treatment" will help you lose weight, but where do you go after your body adjusts. If you're already exercising two hours a day, is it realistic to increase that to three hours?

Most people would find that impossible. A better plan would be to start with 30 minute workouts then slowly increase the exercise times by 5 minutes each week.

Adopting the same scaling method with diet and meal plans can also produce fantastic results.

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