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How Do I Get A Flatter Stomach

Getting a flatter stomach with sculpted abs is something everyone wants. It looks sexy, and gives you confidence.

So how do you do it?

You need a multi-phase approach. You won't have as much success if you do one thing but not the other. For example, you can do thousands of sit-ups, but if you aren't following a diet designed to burn through fat you're not going to see a lot of progress.

Here's an outline of how to get a flatter stomach:

Make Diet Adjustments

You don't need to starve yourself to burn fat. Not eating enough is often the problem for most dieters. Your body has a negative reaction to starving yourself. You want to make efficient changes so you burn fat without going through periods when you overeat.

Incorporate Behavior To Burn Fat

You need some type of aerobic activity. You don't have to kill yourself to burn off the fat. What you want to get is a "negative balance". That's where your body is burning more energy calories, than you consume.

Use Long Term Strategies

This is a reflection of the first two steps. Most people try drastic diets, or really demanding workout schedules. Do you know what usually happens? Most quit because it's too hard. It's important to use a diet and exercise plan that you like, so you're motivated to continue long term.

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