Why Is Getting Rid Of Stomach Fat So Hard?

There are problem areas and there are nightmare areas. If you're carrying a large belly that may even hang below your waist line, then getting rid of stomach fat is probably your highest priority.

Why is it so hard?

It feels like you're fighting your own body right? You want one thing, lose ten pounds, then it fights back and you gain another twenty pounds. I'm not exaggerating when I say that scenario can produce tears for some people.

It feels hopeless.

The problem is that most people were never given enough information about how your body adapts to dieting. When you want to lose weight you go on a diet, right?

Simple. I'll eat less and lose weight. That's only the beginning of how your body adapts to fewer calories. Your body then responds with a violent struggle for survival.

It's that instinct that your body goes through when it says, "I'm starving!"

That response is almost never taken into consideration by most dieters. Most people don't even know that response exists, so when they gain weight during a diet they're mortified.

I'm going to give you a secret right now...

If you ever try a diet where your calories stay the same, everyday, for weeks and weeks -- Your diet will fail.

Your body will adapt to the amount of steady calories, and respond by adding stomach fat to compensate for what it lost. So if you're counting your calories diligently keeping it at a steady 2,200 EVERYDAY...

You're going to gain weight.

You can't allow your body to adapt to a consistent calorie count. A more in-depth explanation of how to adjust your daily calories to avoid that dreaded weight gain is discussed in the full version of the Fat Burning Furnace.

You'll also get specific tips and routines for getting rid of stomach fat permanently.

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