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Fat Burning Furnace Diet Tips

Below are two quick, but helpful tips to avoid some very damaging mistakes when trying to lose body fat.

Don't Eat High Carb Food Before Bed

This one is an absolute killer. The carbs you consume late at night are most likely to be high in sugar or cooked with white flour. It means your body will digest this food very quickly and flood your system with resources.

But it's bed time.

Do you know what that means? You just gave your body a massive amount of energy resources that it can't possibly use. So it has to store it for later use -- and here's the killer part.

It stores that excess energy as body fat.

Eating high carb foods right before bed time should be one of the first habits you try to alter. You don't have to starve yourself and go to bed with a grumbling tummy.

Instead of a piece of cake, chow down on some high protein food. Your body isn't able to store protein so it won't be able to turn it into body fat.

Use Portion Control To Enjoy Food

One of the biggest problems for most dieters, is the lack of satisfaction from the food you're eating. Your refrigerator may still be stocked from your pre-diet days, so you have the displeasure of staring at the double fudge ice cream - EVERYDAY!

And it's taunting you...

It's enough to break your will. Instead of completely eliminating your favorite food, schedule the treats into your diet in small portions.

Don't give yourself the opportunity to cheat. It's a psychological trick. You allow yourself a treat as part of your meal plan, so you don't feel deprived.

You feel empowered, because you followed your diet and didn't over eat.

More helpful diet tips are found in the full version of the Fat Burning Furnace.

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