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Can The Fat Burning Furnace Help Burn Arm Fat?

After the fat around the belly, the biggest problem area for most people trying to shed extra weight is the dangling fat on their arms.

You know what I mean right? You hold your arm straight out parallel to the floor and the slightest wiggle creates a tidal wave of jiggling fat.

It can become an enormous sense of frustration. So why is it so important to most people?

Because it's the most visible part of your body. You can cover and camouflage your belly, hips and thighs. But you can't hide arm fat when you're wearing short sleeves.

Women want to feel slim and attractive, men want to feel like they're sculpted from steel.

And you just can't get that feeling when your arm fat is clapping when you take a brisk walk.

So what's the big deal. Why won't this fat go away? Is it supposed to be there... Forever?

No. Most people will actually accept this as part of who they are, without realizing they were so close to getting it off. It's true with most weight loss goals.

People get so close, only to quit because they reach a diet plateau. A point of diminished returns. You're killing yourself with diet and exercise but you've stopped seeing progress.

The fat on your arms falls into this category. You need to take specific action when you hit that plateau to tell your body to keep burning fat. The fat on your body is on a kind of "list".

The belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms -- Your body burns through these areas in a specific order. In order to start burning off the fat on your arms you have to take off everything that comes first on your body's fat list.

If you can burn some fat off your belly but not your arms -- that means the belly has a higher fat burning priority. Does that make sense.

BEFORE your body will burn that arm fat, it first needs to burn off all your belly fat. That's how you get rid of your personal "nightmare" fat.

A more in-depth explanation of how to burn off your arm fat is discussed in the full version of the Fat Burning Furnace.

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