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Why Fasting To Lose Weight Fast Is A Terrible Idea

No one can question the effectiveness of fasting when it comes to weight loss. You're systematically starving yourself. Depriving your body of all the needed resources to fuel movement and sustain muscle tissue.

You're basically allowing your body to die, to lose weight. Dramatic, but still true.

You're going to lose weight during the fast, there's no way around it. Your body needs resources from somewhere and if it's not coming from food it's going to break down body fat and muscle tissue to survive.

Here's The Terrible Reality Of Fasting:

You're more likely to over eat before and after the fast. You're kind of canceling out the impact of the fasting period. You know you're going to go several days without food, so you subconsciously stock up on supplies.

Then when you come out of the fast you see yourself 10-20 pounds lighter and there's this logic, "I just lost a ton of weight, so it won't hurt if I pig out. I'll gain five pounds back. No big deal."

But it is a big deal. Your body is in shock because it just went days or weeks without the food it's used to. You're training your body to starve. So to prepare itself for the next starvation period it's going to stock up on body fat again.

Here's The Result Of Fasting:

You put on extra weight BEFORE the fast because you were mentally preparing yourself for life without food. Then you put on extra weight AFTER the fast, because your body doesn't want you to die out of starvation.

You just went through hell, and you'll most likely be heavier then before you even thought about fasting to lose weight.

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