Fastest Way To Reduce Body Fat

The fastest way to reduce body fat includes both diet and exercise. Trying to do one without having a plan for the other can slow your weight loss progress.

Reduce Body Fat By Dieting

Everyone wants to lose body fat as fast as possible but it's important to remember, if you don't plan the weight loss correctly your body will not have time to adapt and could leave you with more body weight.

If your diet is too extreme your body will react negatively, thinking there aren't enough calories to support your activity. When this happens your body will begin to stockpile every calorie it can latch on to and store it as body fat. It's commonly referred to as "starvation mode".

The goal is to reduce your total calories enough to lose body weight, while eating enough carbs to support your activities and enough protein to support existing muscle tissue.

Even if you aren't losing weight as fast as you want, you should try to maintain discipline and not starve yourself.

Reduce Body Fat With Exercise

If you're planning to implement a good exercise plan you'll want to make sure you add enough carbs in your diet to support the exercise. I know it seems counterproductive to add extra calories just so you can exercise, but if you're too low on resources your body will break down muscle tissue to use as fuel.

You'll lose weight this way, but you want to preserve muscle tissue because it influences how many calories you burn each day. The best exercise to reduce body fat includes swimming, jogging, tennis, basketball and bike riding. Anything that can get your heart racing will be good for burning off body fat.

You may also want to incorporate forms of interval training. Where you push yourself very hard for one minute, then use a moderate pace for one minute. Continue alternating one minute difficult, then one minute moderate.

This type of training has proven to have incredible fat burning potential even with small workout times.

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