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Does The Atkins Diet Work?

A lot of people want to know if the Atkins diet works because they've heard it produces very fast results. When followed with great discipline your body will be forced to burn off body fat because of the way it's designed to function.

You absolutely need energy resources to move. If you aren't consuming energy through food, your body will have no choice but to burn off the excess body fat for energy.

Why Most Atkins Diets Fail

Something most people don't take into consideration is that Atkins is more than just a two week diet. It's a long term lifestyle change, and that's the most glaring problem.

If you (like most people) are accustomed to eating carbohydrates like rice, bread, cereal or anything with sugar it can be a very difficult routine to follow. It isn't difficult to avoid those foods for two or three days, but after several weeks you'll begin to feel deprived.

Do you know when most people break down and reach total diet failure? When they decide one little bite can't hurt. Once you get the taste of carbs in your system the craving will become difficult to control, and that's when you start thinking one day of carbs won't hurt.

Think of the Atkins diet like this: Your body is like a race car going 200mph, and the faster you go the more fat calories you burn. You're cruising and dropping ten pounds a month. Then you decide to try carbs again. That would be like racing at 200mph then deciding to slam the car into reverse.

If you flood your system with too many carbs while on the Atkins diet, it has a very negative effect. Because your body has functioned extended periods of time without consuming energy resources it will use this opportunity to stockpile.

That means a one time breakdown in discipline can pack on several pounds of fat and destroy all progress. The Atkins diet works in theory, but is very difficult for most people to maintain.

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