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Do No Carb Diets Work?

No carb diets are excellent in theory but they don't work for everyone because of the difficulty and long term maintenance.

The Good News About No Carb Diets

No carb diets force your body to burn body fat for fuel. Your body needs energy to function and its primary sources are carbs, fat from food, and body fat stored on your body.

When you take carbs out of the equation your body will soon be expending more energy calories than it consumers. The only option then becomes to burn body fat to fuel movement.

The longer you're on the no carb diet the more body fat will need to be burned for energy.

The Bad News About No Carb Diets

A "no" carb diet is very hard to maintain. There's a big difference between a low carb and a "no carb" diet.

No carb diets are designed to be very strict and are not very forgiving. It shouldn't come as a great surprise that most people that try the ultra strict no carb diet fail.

But there's a massive downside that isn't expected. When you're on a no carb diet you're training your body to burn body fat because it's not going to receive energy from food.

Well, your body learns this behavior and needs to adapt. Your body thinks it's being starved of resources during this no carb period. So the next time you consume food, your body will go into a kind of shock.

It thinks this may be the only time it has a chance to restore some of the fuel it's been expending. So it latches onto the carb calories and immediately stores them as fat.

When coming off a no carb diet, or even a low carb diet it's very important to avoid that period of shock.

You need to convince your body, with your behavior, that there's no need to store energy for future use. That way it won't add ten pounds of body fat because it expects another bout of starvation.

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