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Can You Turn Fat Into Muscle?

When someone's trying to get back into shape and sees lots of flab in the mirror the first thing they ask is "Can you turn fat into muscle?"

The quick answer is, No. They're two separate groups that react to different behavior. It's like asking if you can turn water into wood. They're different.

It's either fat, or it's muscle. You can't change one into the other.

The Fat Into Muscle Myth

The misconception of turning fat to muscle has created many problems for dieters that can cause them to kind of spin their wheels. Doing certain behavior hoping for something that will never happen.

If you see a lot of fat around your belly and want to turn it into muscle, what do you think a common reaction would be?

Most would think, "If I do 100 sit-ups everyday this gut will turn to muscle". So most people will honestly try that routine hoping they can achieve the impossible.

You may build muscle under the fat, but you'll never see the muscle until you remove the fat.

You have to approach muscle and fat with different behavior. You build muscle with resistance training like lifting weights. You burn fat by doing cardio work like walking or running.

To get the most benefits from your behavior you should focus on one routine at a time. If your primary goal is to burn fat, then pour most of your energy into cardio work and less of your time in resistance training.

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