What Are The Best Sports For Weight Loss

When you're searching for the best sport for weight loss it's important to keep in mind the goal of exercise. Moving isn't enough to burn a lot of calories. To burn off the most fat, you'll want to choose a sport that raises your heart rate for most of the game.


One of the best sports for weight loss, and health in general, is soccer. It's been estimated that most players will run up to five miles during one match. You may not be ready to compete in the world cup, but you can still get a great workout through a simple game with friends. It can even be used as a family healthy activity if you were to include your children in the game.


Basketball includes repetitive running back and forth across the court with lots of vertical jumping. It's great for weight loss because it works your larger muscle groups which influences the amount of calories you'll be burning. You won't get the same benefits of a basketball game, as you would by simply shooting baskets. It's the running and jumping that burns through the calories, and not shooting the basketball.


Tennis will burn through calories depending on the pace of the game. A casual game where you're walking and standing for the majority of the game, won't burn as much fat as when you're moving laterally. If you really push yourself to move and jump, tennis can be one of the better sports for weight loss. It's also easier to play compared to other sports because you only need two people.

Sports Not As Effective

Golf. Golf is a very popular sport, and if you ask any player they'll tell you how much walking is involved. While this is true, you won't burn as many calories compared to other sports because your heart rate doesn't rise much. It's the elevated heart rate that burns calories, and it just doesn't happen when you're riding in golf carts.

Baseball. There's some running in baseball, but there's too much non-running to make it good exercise. The biggest drawback is when you're not involved in the action and have to sit on a bench for twenty minute stretches.

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