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Best Exercise For A Smaller Waist

The Fat Burning Furnace, by Rob Poulos, helps you understand the difference between weight loss myth and reality.

One common request by dieters is simple, "I want a smaller waist". They're not asking to reinvent the wheel, they just want that specific area to be reduced.

Common sense tells most people that if you want to work on a specific area you should do certain exercises that target that area. But the problem is that most people will focus their entire energy using this logic.

So they'll do hundreds of sit-ups every day expecting their waist to shrink. But in this instance the work you put in, won't yield a comparable result. It's a lot of wasted motion for what you want to achieve.

Did you know certain sit-up exercises can actually make your waist appear wider?

It's true.

Building thick muscles around the obliques will give you a wider appearance, making you look more like a rectangle than an hour glass.

The first step to making your waist smaller, is to remove the top layer of fat.

Your waist will take a natural smaller shape as you reduce the excess fat around your belly. And what surprises most, is taking off only a few inches will reshape your entire appearance.

A more in-depth explanation about how to sculpt your mid-section can be found in the full version of the Fat Burning Furnace.

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