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Best Diet Advice For A Busy Mom

The absolute best diet advice for a busy mom, especially with small children, is to plan ahead. Not just one or two days ahead, either.

Your days are already jam packed with errands and tasks, which makes it very likely you'll choose food and meals that are the most convenient when in a rush. It leads to eating fast food, but also increases the risk of consuming too many calories.

If you're too busy to prepare a healthy meal, you're probably too busy to keep up with your calorie counting journal. So plan ahead.

Set aside thirty minutes each week to prepare a meal plan. Here's what most fail to do with this activity:

Prepare acceptable substitutes.

Something you can grab on your way out the door, that will complete a meal but won't wreck your diet.

The best meal alternatives are protein drinks that are sold in one meal containers. A quick 200 calorie shake can fill the gap between meals and keep you eating healthy.

You might also want to try protein bars as a meal substitute. When choosing protein bars you want something that tastes good but isn't loaded with pure carbs. You need a healthy dose of protein and fiber with your meal replacements.

Stay away from meal bars that are loaded with carbohydrates, some have as much as 45g of carbs in one bar which can be a nightmare for your diet.

Consuming something that is carb dense, meaning there's a ton of carbs compared to total calories, can increase your overall body fat storage.

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