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What's The Best Cardio To Lose Body Fat?

There's a common misconception that you need to follow a brutal cardio schedule to get the body you want. No pain no gain, right? Not exactly. You get the best results through planning, not shear effort.

So what's the best cardio to lose body fat? What's the best plan?

Here's the secret:

There isn't a single "best" exercise. Do you know why? Because no matter what you're doing your body will adapt. You could run ten miles everyday, and your body will burn fat. But does that mean it's the best cardio to lose fat?

Only until your body adapts to that particular behavior. Once your body adapts, it WON'T burn the same amount of calories.

Have you ever heard of a "plateau"? It's a word used in dieting and muscle building. It's just a fancy way of saying your body has adapted to what you're doing, and you're not experiencing the same success you used to see.

Here's another reason running ten miles everyday will leave you disappointed. Once your body adapts to those ten miles, it won't give MORE results until you intensify the behavior.

So at some point, ten miles will do absolutely nothing. You would need to run twelve to fifteen miles to start seeing results again.

Most people don't have that amount of free time to invest, which leads many people to stop that cardio completely.

A better plan would be to scale your cardio. Start with a short workout, then when your body adapts you increase the amount little by little. You have a higher ceiling for progress.

A complete and thorough plan for burning off fat is found in the Fat Burning Furnace. It provides a detailed cardio plan to lose body fat, that's optimized to continue progress for several months.

That means constant fat burning with no plateaus.

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